January Sales

At the Natural Blanket Company, we do not offer wild discounts from Black Friday through Christmas and into the New Year. In this blog, we will set out and explain our reasons for not offering unrealistic discounts and the values and ethos that inform our business.

From Black Friday until the New Year, we as consumers are bombarded with special offers and seasonal discounts; many do not seem realistic. This is disrespectful to the consumer. How can a piece be £100 today but can be discounted by 50%/60% on a Friday. At the Natural Blanket Company all our blankets are woven by our teams of artisan weavers based across the British Isles. Each blanket is made using traditional, heritage skills from the finest yearns. At the Natural Blanket company, we value these gifted artisan craftsmen and women. Each blanket is a unique expression of their craft. As a business, we do not under value and discount their work and the materials they use.

Events like Black Friday and extreme discounting is detrimental to craftsmanship and traditional artisan producers. As producers dedicated to craft and quality, we are unable to compete with mass production from India and China, using cheap labour and inferior materials. At the Natural Blanket Company, we do not hide behind “designed in”, “inspired by”, “sent with love from”, as a company we are honest and transparent.

Our commitment to producers in the British Isles, this is a reflection of our beliefs in the environment and sustainability. None of our blankets have been mass produced in India and China. Therefore, our blankets have not been shipped halfway across the world. Nor have they been produced in factories with questionable environmental and labour conditions. We are proud to support skilled artisan communities in Britain and will continue to do so.

As a business the Natural Blanket Company is proud to be part of the “slow fashion” movement. Out artisan makers are proud of their heritage skills and traditions. This is not fast massed produced fashion. All our blankets have been made consciously and with intention. Our customers purchase consciously and with intent. Our homes are a sanctuary, a safe place and expression of our values and ethos. Each of our blankets are made from the finest materials combined with the traditional, heritage craft skills of our artisan weavers.