A Cosy Christmas Inspired by our Yuletide Red Blanket

The Christmas season is almost upon us and the festive colour of our Yuletide Blanket has inspired us to think of Cosy Traditional Christmas Decorations. With its deep red, our Yuletide Blanket is the perfect inspiration for the traditional family Christmas. The Christmas we would encourage you to invite the natural world into your home to celebrate this festive season with you.

The warm Christmas red of our Yuletide Blanket perfectly compliments beautifully the natural hues of nature. Bringing nature into your home creates a natural peace and mindfulness to this time of the year. Natural foliage produces the best Christmas decorations. Logs in a basket by the fire with pine cones gives any room a cosy, warm, natural feeling of snugness. Holly along with ivy, briony and sprigs of ever green foliage creates not only the best decorations but adds that smell of Christmas. The use of natural materials for decorations roots the home in its place and adds authenticity to home made.

In this time of Covid and with time on our hands and the abundance of nature all around, try crafting your own Christmas wreath and decorations. Making your own Christmas wreath will not fail to get you in the festive mood, thanks to the beautifully scented air of pine along with cinnamon and dried orange peel. Getting creative is good for the mind and soul and gives Christmas a personalised spin. Just look around and let your creative instinct guide you.

Christmas is all about the sparkle and the home but don’t forget the atmosphere. Ambience and warm are important factors in the cosy Christmas home. Use soft furnishings and accessories to build layers of comfort and warmth this Christmas. An open fire or log burner is a great place to start as a warm focal point for a room. If you don’t have a fire, use candles to create that low, flickering light to warm the atmosphere. Choose warm cosy blankets and cushions that use traditional festive colours and combine these with furniture made nature materials. The warmth of our Yuletide Blanket will keep you cosy over this holiday period.

This Christmas especially will be all about the home and the family. Therefore it more important than ever to create a warm, safe home for all the family.